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We Are All One

We Are All One
we are all one
closer than… the grains of sand on a seashore
closer than… the waves and wakes
closer than… the bright moon and her shimmering reflection
separation is the illusion
neither ideology, d is  t an c e
or our abstract friend time
can come between us
we are all one

2 thoughts on “We Are All One”

  • February 10, 2005, 08:55 An old blog post of mine… kinda similar to this!

    today while walking on campus. looking at people. noticing their faces. their actions. couples holding hands, old men smoking cigarettes with reckless abandon, girls in large jackets, boys toteing heavy books, children walking on white lines… people driving fast cars and some walking carrying tool boxes for some distant art class…

    i noticed for the first time that life isn't only visible. or audible. or tactile. life is far beyond the five senses. sitting here: i am touching the keys; i can smell the toner from the printers and the office supply smell of the lab; i can taste the lingering minty freshness of my toothpaste; i can hear breathing- cellphones ringing- soft whispers- the tapping keys- the printer; i can see the faces of the people next to me- the screen- the keys- my red coat.

    have you ever woken up and realized that the colors are more vibrant, the smell of the breeze more intense, the sound of the world more intune, the taste of your breakfast more sweet than any other time before this day. this day is somehow marked with a beauty all its own for some purpose, some reason. the day you could have been dreading, the day you could have been hoping for, the day you could have been indifferent towards, now appears to be the best damn day of your life. what do you do with that?

    life is in fact all around us. if we were only created with eyes, do you think that we would still be alive? YES! because what we see isn't the point, what we hear isn't the point, i am not sure that even what we do is the point anymore…. i have to get out there and experience this vapor, this short jolt that is my run, the pounding pavement, the rush of breath, the flow of blood, the intense sense of being a part of this.

    if anything is possible, why aren't we doing more? if love conquers all, why is it not on the top of our list of things to do? if life is brief… why aren't more of us attempting to live?

    i see life as a pool, you can't really jump in unless you intend on getting wet, on swimming, on splashing. otherwise you're the fat old guy that is floating around bothering everybody else. I WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT. not tied down to some unknown. i want to figure it out. DO IT. BE IT. FEEL IT. HAVE IT. KNOW IT. OWN IT.

    no this isn't about possesion. nothing here belongs to anyone. and isn't that the point. we need each other. thats the point. the world is one big neighborhood, we are supposed to watchout for each other. help raise the kids. fix the problems. borrow the things we need. be there.

    if more people cared, there wouldn't have to be fanatics in this world. i am not saying be a middle of the road ninnie… just care about something and then do something about it. action causes reaction.

    and i guess this is the freedom i have been searching for. the excuse to live… and i just noticed today that i don't need one. i am already doing it.

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