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"Did That Hurt?" P.S.

"Did That Hurt?" P.S.

Writing this entry really got me to thinking about the vows I took so long ago. I am the same person and yet completely different, older, wiser. I was wondering how well they held up to my present state of mind. So I went to my book shelf, took down the bedraggled medicine bag that I wore around my neck for years and reached inside. I took out a folded piece of paper, old, worn, covered in the remnants of some long forgotten herb mixture and this is what I found.


I choose to live this life in honor of the Divine Spark within myself and my connection with the Universe, with all Kingdoms: Spirit, Human, Animal, Mineral and the elements Wind, Fire, Water and Earth.
I humbly commit myself to their service. Seeking Wisdom and Knowledge to facilitate Harmony, Balance and the Greater Good.
I proudly wear the names Creator, Healer, Teacher, Protector.
Gentle Mother, may I bring honor to each of your aspects as they come to me Maiden , Mother, Crone.
Grant me Courage, Compassion, Discernment, Diligence and Clarity.
I have to admit that I have edited this a bit. I mainly corrected spelling and a few sentence fragments. I did not want to alter it completely. At the best of times I am the Queen of the run on sentence. I had spent a weekend eating very little and participating in numerous activities that dull the latent English teacher in my head. Before you jump to conclusions, these activities included long periods of meditation, drum circles around the fire at night and long walks in the forest.
I think my vows have held up pretty well. They sound a little naive. They sound an awful lot like a prayer. I guess they were. Then, I was searching for an all loving, all accepting parent but now I realize I was praying to myself. Willing myself to become who I am today.


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